Bill Smoothing Average Usage

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Just wanting to know that happens if your bill smoothing average usage begins to increase during the year? Does you account go into deficit or do you weekly payments get adjusted to counter the increase?


Thank you

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Hi AlexZ87! 


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Bill Smoothing is designed to adjust every 6 months for any changes in your usage. This means that you will get a review letter with your bills every 6 months advising you of any changes needed. 




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Hi Ellen, 


Does this work the same if your bills arent as much as the bill smoothing payment?

thanks Mel 

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Hi Mel9! 

That's correct! If your bills are lower than what your bill smoothing amounts are, you'll receive a bill smoothing review where we would then recommend reducing your bill smoothing amount or if you have a credit balance then we'll offer a refund amount to you as well. 


You can see your bill smoothing details on your AGL My Account here and more information on our website here


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