Adding my partners name in my bill

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HI there, I need my partners name to be on our utilities bill? 

Can you please add it in the next bill?

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Hi Abhinna,


Only one name will ever appear on your bill, however you can add your partner as an authorised contact person so that they can contact AGL on your behalf. You can find out more here: How do I add an authorised person to My Account?


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I cannot believe that you guys cannot add two persons to an account; the tenancy agreement we have shows both people, why can't you? Two people live there, not one.

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I 100% agree with the above comments. Why is this not available to us?


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My daughter lives with me and we share the bills.

I don’t have a concession card but she does. How do I add her as an account holder for both Gas and Electricity so we can claim the Govt concession?

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Hi Dewey! 

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We can only set up accounts with 1 account holder which will also be a requirement to receiving concession rebates. She'll need to sign up a new account in her name, this can be done on our website here


Please also check our concessions page to check if the card she holds is eligible for rebates. 


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