Account number request 10 digits when I only have 8

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Trying to register on line. my account number is 8 digit long where is the 10 digits that is required



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I have exactly the same problem - can anyone answer this questions. It's been up for a couple of months.

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@Valk @Sam11A ,


Your account number should be listed on your bill and is 10 digits.


Contact AGL on


Only select chat or call as you need to have an account setup to use the APP or My Account.


Cheers Neil

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I have my bill in front of me. It has 8 digits.


 it’s just a normal household has account - can someone explain why I can’t set up online access. Strangely my Electricity account also has 8 digits but I have online access to that account.  So what is this 10 digit requirement?