Account balnce not visible

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I decided to use bill smoothing for my Electricity and Gas accounts. I noticed when I log into "My Account" I can no longer see my account status, eg. amount owed. When I ring AGL they say my account balance is zero. This is impossible as my bill smoothing payments can not match the bill amounts. I was told this lie (fobbed off) 7 times. I spoke to "resolutions" 3 times and they denied this practice and told me three contradicting lies, Eventually, (this morning 13/05) I used online chat to cancel bill smoothing and now when I log in I can see my account status. The chat person actually admitted that this is an intentional practice by AGL.

I believe some people make bill smoothing arrangements because of difficulty paying bills rather than convenience. I think AGL then decides what is best for the customer and hides their account status so they do not stop bill smoothing when their accounts are in credit.

It is surely reasonable for a customer to log in to their account and see their account status?