AGL ripping off Solar Customers with incorrect Smart Meter Readings

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Hi there,


We have got 12.4 Massive Solar System installed at our property...It was going very well with regards to solar feed in tarrifs...However recently i realized that the amount of electricity bought from the Grid was showing in considerably increasing trend in my daily usage. What really surprised me that even though we were exporting the Electricity to the Grid in the afternoon, we were still being charged with electricity bought from the Grid at the same time,


How it is possible for a household with solar to export the Electricity in the afternoon as well as buying the electricity from the Grid...? When you are exporting to the Grid, it implies that you had enough Electricity produced after your own use, which was being exported to the Grid...So How come my smart meter is buying the electricity from the Grid at the same time of the noor...?


This is out of my understanding and i think any common man understanding...?


On top of that, AGL Reps are not well trained and always tell you that your usage would be more than that of your production, which is not correct as we were exporting to the Grid..


AGL is doing Total Rip Off to avoid giving solar feed in tariffs to the Customers....


So disoppointed.