AGL messaging site and updating expiry date on credit card payment method

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Gidday cobbers:


Finally I can send AGL a message. AGL CHAT and MESSAGE and FEEDBACK and FACEBOOK are not working; I am overseas and cannot ring AGL.


I want to update expiry date on my c.c. payment method; but  the Wallet is asking me to delete the present card. No other enterprise ever asks you to do that; AGL is out of date and not yet in 21st century. I will let the account go into delinquency instead . 


I have tried several ways to send a message, none has been working; all shut down or takes me to previous useless pages.  AGL better get some good tech support and advice.  AGL ystem is not even to standards of Vanuata or Nauru; where their call centres are likely base..

I want to ask about SuperSaver.  My bill this month is so low that I think I might save more signing up to Supersaver but then I don;' want to be locked in for 2 years with AGL in case Energy Australia lures me back; they've been courting me like courtesan.  Does AGL have a better offer and plan to help clients navigate more smoothly while some  5000 miles away,? (I cannot get back due to worsening COVID situation; emigration  officers turned me back).  




AGL Community Manager
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Sorry to hear you're having trouble getting hold of us @Biji . What's the issue you're having with chat and message? A screenshot or error message will help us diagnose if you're running into a technical problem. Just for clarification:


  • Our live web chat is available from our Contact Us page
  • Messaging is available via the 💬 icon on the bottom right of your My Account page or at the  top right of the app
  • You can call us internationally  on +613 8633 6000

I can't help you with specific questions about Super Saver besides pointing you to the fact sheets on our Plans page , but an agent should be able to help you through one of the channels above - and if you're running into technical issues with one or all of them, I'm happy to pass on any details you provide to the tech team and follow up with them. There's no reported issues with them at the moment, but occasionally specific browsers or extensions can cause problems with them.

Good luck with getting back to Australia soon!

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Dear David,


I appreciate your getting back to me.


This is the issue (I don't have time right now to go back into the AGL website), but any agent of AGL should be able to go in and try to update the expiry date of their credit or debit card on their own direct debit account, or even set up a fake one for trial purposes.  I


might have acquired American English in the time that I have been stranded here, sorry about that; at least I didn't threaten AGL with a string of litigations, Texan-style.


I want to update the expiry date on my c.c. payment method; but  the Wallet is asking me to delete the present card and enter the details all over again. No other enterprise ever asks you to do that.



Hopefully this will be resolved or AGL will lose a customer.


Best wishes,



AGL Community Manager
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Hi Purushottama,


I also had to update the expiry on one of my own cards recently and was also annoyed that it took a few seconds to delete my existing card and re-enter with the new details. (I suspect it was still quicker than the process of switching retailers though - at the very least, I'd also need to enter my credit card details with the new mob!)


I'll raise this as a feature request with the My Account developers, and hopefully we can make the process smoother in future.

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Anyone know how to get phone/email or anyway contact with AGL??? AGL's site pages are hilariously stupid in that they don't work or just go back to the page you were on. Their Robot contact does not work at all and its impossible to download PDF format. Of course its designed that way so you cannot complain or get in touch with anybody. Time to go to another company. AGL does not deserve loyalty.

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You'll find our phone number listed on our Contact Us page, along with other ways to get in touch. 

If you're having a specific technical issue with the Messaging virtual assistant or downloading your bill in PDF format, feel free to send details through to me (screenshots are great) and I'll pass them on for troubleshooting.