No longer able to download CSV data

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I used to be able to go into my usage and download my usage data in 30 minute intervals each time my meter was read. The AGL website would also graph the daily usage. But now it just shows quarterly usage with no ability to download the underlying granular usage data.


Can I get the functionality to download the data back? The new usage page is pretty useless.

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Hello David.


We have a smart meter, but still no download icon.


Where do I go from here?



AGL Community Manager
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@Maca99 if you're using a smart meter and still can't see the download icon, the first step would be to contact support and explain the issue. They'll pass the details on to IT who will investigate what may have gone wrong.

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To everyone having this issue, I did a live chat, and was given the below link


On this page, you will be privileged enough to spend 10 minutes filling in a form, to apply to have the data sent to you.


Given it could take up to 10 business days to arrive, no idea of the results that will be sent, or in what layout.


When I mentioned "It is interesting that AGL have now made it far more complicated to access the data, that was freely available to just download from the web site", I was told that my feed back would be shared with the IT team.


More to follow, but probably in 10 working days.


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The data that is provided via the link to request data is wrong. It does not reconcile to the bill as it appears to truncate the usage data I.e. All the numbers get rounded down. The previous data on the website matched exactly to the bill.

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Interesting to see at the bottom of the request data form page that it mentioned existing AGL customers can view and "Download" their metering data ...


But in reality it's not and no one in AGL would like to fix it.

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OK, 3 weeks, no data usage file.


Anybody at AGL care to explain why?


Was there really any point spending the time to complete that form?


If this detailed data will never be available again, just say so. Then we can all go looking for a provider who will provide it.

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Hi Maca99! 


I'm sorry that it's taken quite some time for you to get the usage report. My Account will only provide you an option to download your usage data if you have a smart meter on site. If you have a manually read interval meter, you can have a chat with us on Messaging on your My Account and we can send that file to you directly. 


Kind regards, 



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Hello Nam,


As I've said before, I do have a smart meter, and I have the downloaded 1/2 hourly usage data, from 22/1/2016, up until the last time I did it, 3rd April this year.


In case it helps clear things up, the device type specified in my 56k rows of data, is MRIM.


The meter was installed when our home was built, in 2014.


Now where do I go?





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Hi, MRIM codes appear to be specific to the 7 power network suppliers in VIC.

Your "MyDataUsage_" file does not include MRIM codes if your file is the same as my SA file.

I don't have a copy of a VIC "MyUsageData_" file but do have a copy of a NSW file.

I have written programme's to decode the "MyUsageData_" file which I use to keep track of my meter readings and to predict my Bill and calculate the amount I have to pay each fortnight towards my bill.

Now I don't know what program you use to connect to the Internet nor the Operating System that you use.

It may assist AGL (and me), if you supply the full details of of the programme's you use to access the Web (IE, EDGE, Firefox etc) the OS you use (Win7, Win95, Win10, etc) also please supply the VERSION numbers of each of them.







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Hi - I've got a smart meter, and used to be able to access the data, but now can't - where do we go from here?