MyUsageData format changes

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For quite a few months I have been writing two programs to get manageable data from AGL.

The first converts the MyDataUsage_ from your data into a NEM12 /13 file.

Why have you suddenly changed your date format:

up to the 10th Sept format was d/mm/yyyy hh:mm

eg 1/09/2019 00:00

Now it is d/mm/yyyy h:mm:ss am/pm

eg 1/09/2019 12:00:00 AM

I now cannot easily convert your file into NEM format.

My supplier SA Power Networks is also having issues as I cannot get a current download from them.


Also why on the day we change to daylight savings do you decide ITS OK TO HAVE A 23 Hour day.


But you don't have a 25 Hour day when we change back


I have been working on a fix for that but now cannot even reliably decode a good file.




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The data format of the .csv file has a line for each reading, so that in my case I have 3 lines for the same time part of some  rows are shown below.

Solar21/11/2019 23:0021/11/2019 23:29
Generalusage21/11/2019 23:0021/11/2019 23:29
Controlledload21/11/2019 23:0021/11/2019 23:29


To simplify analysis of the data, it would be rearranges, so that there is only one row per time interval and the relevant data is then displayed in different columns. As shown below. That makes it much easier to analyse the data and it avoids duplicating several data sets (like Account number, NMI in each row., thus saving storage. The present format makes it very hard to analyse data, without writing programmes to convert the data into a sensible format.


21/11/2019 23:0021/11/2019 23:29Meter NumberSolarWhMeter NumberGeneralusageWhMeter NumberControlledloadWh




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Hi KeithK, If you look at the bottom of my post you will see an attachment called "Smart Meter Reading.pdf ‏286 KB" Click on it and a message box will come up asking you what you want to do with it Open it up and have a read it details the file formats and tells you how I have dealt with the issues. If you want you can Message me (they call it PM "Private Mail") by clicking on on the MAIL icon and sending a mail message to NeilC. I need a guinea pig to try out my programmes. They are stand alone and can be installed and run from any location on a PC (if you have one). If you do message me I will send you a email address that you can use to contact me directly to speed up things Cheers NeilC
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Hi Neil. I also enjoy playing with excel. At this stage I cannot use the program because I have no access to any of my data. Apparently I have to wait for my first bill to be able to meaningfully use the app. Regards, Alan
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Alan, If you have a smart meter you should be able to see the data (with a one or two day delay) from either the app or your MyAccount page. I don't find the app very useful especially when I can see the data (and get it) from MyAccount page. Have you looked at your MyAccount page ?? Cheers Neil