How to disable "Call Waiting" feature on the Home Phone (VOIP)

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Hello All,

How does one disable "Call Waiting" feature on the Home Phone (VOIP)?

Am I able to do it within the modem settings?

I'm currently a new customer, so i don't have the modem yet, but see I'll be supplied with a Netcomm NF20Mesh.

According to the Support Page. "This feature is activated by default."

Can't see any mention on how to disable it.

Cheers for all help..


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Hi ImPeterB,


Thanks for being part of the AGL Community.


I would recommend speaking to a specialist from this team here, as they should be able to advise if this is possible.


Kind Regards,


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Cheers Jenna for the reply.

I will contact them to confirm

I recieved the modem today and can see i have access to those setting with in the moden config, so all looking good so far.