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What happens if I’m eligible for the Managed for You program?

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‎30-10-2018 09:08 AM


After you’ve registered for the program and accepted the terms and conditions, we’ll be in touch to organise for a certified electrician to visit your home and verify your air-conditioner’s compatibility for installation of three smart devices. The first on your switchboard, the second on the external air-conditioning unit and a third remote AC controller near your air conditioner.


If your home is compatible, the electrician will complete the installation of the three devices, including the smart air conditioning control device, at the same time as the home visit. If your air conditioner is compatible, we’ll help you set up the smart air conditioner controller app on your smartphone. You will then be sent an information pack with the full details of what to expect during the program.


If your home is not compatible unfortunately you are ineligible to participate, but we will reward you with a $50 Visa gift card to thank you for your expression of interest.

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