Your usage and cost snapshot - change the verbiage

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Every time I receive my bill now where it says:


Estimated average daily cost of electricity for this bill period:

$$/kw here last year

$$/kw here this year

59% higher cost compared to last year

On average you're spending more per day on your energy than this bill period last year


and a big button telling me to view my usage. 


This annoys me every time I see it.  My kwh is exactly the same, it's the price that has increased by 59%.  The way it's written makes me feel like it's me using more energy, not AGL who is charging significantly more, and given my usage is incredibly low there is literally nothing I can do to reduce it more aside from starting to use candles.  It made sense when prices weren't skyrocketing, now it's just an irritation.


Food for thought.