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Hi Folks


I know you have recently changed the way you present our bills but I really think you need to revisit this.

So call me old fashioned but the great thing about the old style invoice was all the info was on just 2 pages.This meant I could print off on the 1 double sided A4 page and more importantly it had the key info on the opening page like the date it applied to. Now lets look at your new method. I need to print off at least 2 A4 pages and there is no key detail on the first page apart from what I owe or am in credit. The other thing I have discovered is that if I store your Invoice emails when I receive them it appears that the ability to print the PDF of the account is only available for approx 2/ 3 months and after this I am not able to do so. Thanks for your consideration

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Hi @pinkfrog1 


Thanks so much for sharing the feedback. Regarding the storage of the PDF bills, keep in mind that you can always access all your bills in PDF format by logging in to the AGL app or your My Account page - you don't need to access them via the email link. That said, it is a bit confusing that those links in the bill summary email expire, so perhaps we can address that.


As you've noticed we did update the bill layout recently, and we did so in response to customer feedback. One piece of feedback that we often received was that the bill was too dense and it was difficult to read, so we added more space to the layout. Of course, the tradeoff here is that it does take up more pages to print. It also uses less ink as there's significantly less shading, so that's an advantage for those who like to print their bills for archival.

I'll certainly pass your feedback on to the billing team, and we'll continue to update it in response to customer needs - don't hesitate to reach out if you have any more to share.