Improve clarity of electricity billing

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I strongly believe some of the terminology used to describe electricity usage rates needs to be improved - to help households better understand their bill. My key issues as follows:

1. "T11 General Usage" is described as "Tariff 11 - Residential all usage".  What exactly does this mean? Very confusing when the next item on the same bill is "General Usage" (with no definition provided) - which is charged at a different rate! Again, what does this mean?? 


2. The two separate "Supply charges" presumably for the GU and the T11 GU rates are both simply labelled the same as "Supply charge".  For clarity, these should at least be separately identifiable, similar to the supply charge for T33 Controlled Load which is "CL33 Supply charge".  

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Hi @David_user123 , I absolutely agree - some of the terminology around the pricing of energy can be extremely opaque. This isn't a problem specific to AGL, but we are always working towards making this more accessible and easier to understand. 


In the meantime, we have some resources that might help get you started:

But these may not  answer your specific question regarding differentiation between T11 General Usage and the standard General Usage tariff.


I notice you've shared that specific question on Neighbourhood over here:


Please let me know if you receive a response from Deepesh, and share the answer publicly if possible, as it may help other Neighbourhood members.