Generating Revenue from Smart Meter through Configuration of homeowners mobile phones

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Since every household owners have mobile phones my concept is. Their phones should be configured to their Smart Meter number so whenever their power units gets as low to a threshold mark automatically a SMS alert message will be sent to all household owners phone numbers alerting them that their electricity units is getting low.

With that phone alert service a service fee will be deducted from all home owners phones. So that's how AGL Energy can generate additional revenue from the Smart Meter.

Apparently there are more than three people living in a home so with that you can configure all threes phone numbers and receive SMS alerts from them whenever their power units gets low.

For your consideration.

Thanks Albert 

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Salo7_ , thanks for taking the time to share a suggestion. What do you mean by "their electricity units is getting low"?


Hi David_AGL, sorry for the late reply. 

What I meant by saying their electricity units getting low is...I meant to say electricity users ( all households) whenever electricity bills reaches a threshold mark automatically an SMS alert sign will be sent out to all households phone numbers advising that they need to pay for new electricity bills.