solar energy sold to grid was marked as estimated

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When I checked my electricity usage  for 11 September online, the amount  sold to grid was marked  as estimated. What does this mean ? The data for the followings days are back to normal. 

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Hi @Benibasha,

Would you mind sending through a screen shot?

Usually electricity usage and solar generation data takes 1-2 days to populate in My Account and the App, unfortunately it isn't available in real-time. It seems odd that you aren't able to see your usage/generation up until the 2nd of Oct. 


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The backlog of data missing was added today. Thank you very much. Usage and solar feed-in for 2/9/19 still being shown as estimated. I'll give it another couple of days.

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The energy sold to grid on 11-9-19 has been adjusted but that for 2 -10-19 is again shown as estimate. The energy bought from grid was 12.91 kWh, that sold to grid was 6.85 kWh. The inverter recorded 29.52 kWh. Our daily energy usage is 16-20 kWh. I'll just wait and see for a few more days.

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2/10/19 is still estimated for me too but so is the 26/9/19 - are yours estimated for 26/9/19 or are they ok?

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26/9/19 appears to be OK for me. What I don't comprehend is why usage for 3/10/1919 is not estimated but the day before is.

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I’m only getting estimates now for the last week. See img.


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Usage for 2/10/2019 still shown as estimated. In addition power to the grid for 6/10/2019 shown as missing.

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What is the difference between sold to grid and bought from grid? And which one should be benefiting me?

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Sold to grid is what goes into the grid from your solar panels. Bought from the grid is what you buy when the solar panels are not working (no sun)  or if you have a battery as well what you buy from your supplier when the battery has been reduced to nil or to the limit which you have set the battery to be reduced to.

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My feed in has shown as estimated like this for three days. Did it get resolved for you?