smart meter not communicating data with AGL app

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My use and solar feed in data has not been communicated to AGL app from my smart meter for over a week.  Has anyone any advice on why this may be occurring and what a solution may be?

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Hi there - yes I am the same - since Saturday 6th March 2021 my Solar Production has not been recorded or updated by AGL on the app or their website.  Contacted support to ask what the issue was and they thumbed me off to resolutions who are yet to make contact with me. 

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I have the same problem. My solar export is showing zero for the last week and my usage is showing as estimated. I contacted resolutions, who have passed it onto the IT department. I was told it may take up to a week. Looking back there was a day in March where both export and usage are estimated. It would seem to me that the meter has stopped communicating. Could be wrong, but that's what it feels like. 

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Its been almost 2 weeks since the app is updating the daily usage. I am not sure what is going on. Please help.



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Hi there,

Have you contacted AGL direct yet regarding your issue???   When I had this issue it took about 4 - 5 days to sort out.