Re: What's New for the AGL App - July 2019

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The app isn’t updating 

Ive tried logging out and back in but it still won’t update. 


AGL Moderator
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Hi RickNickAGL,


This data updates every 48-72 hours. Would you mind double checking your app for me now?


Kind regards,



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Hi Jayden,

  Thanks for you reply.

  As you can see from the screen shots there has been no data for over 7 days. So "This data updates every 48-72 hours" is not happening for me. Hence my query.

As you requested I have checked the app and it now has new info. But I've now lost confidence in the app updating this info by itself. Will I have to contact AGL very time it stops updating OR has the problem now been fixed.


I'd like to mark this as "Solved" But I'm not completely sure it is Solved.