No usage updates for 5 days

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As of 27th August 2021 there have not been any usage updates on the App or AGL website.

Anyone else having the same issues?

Super Charger
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Hey Notlog,


Did it last more than the 5 days? On my end it runs 1-2 days behind typically. 

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Took the AGL team 10 days to fix it..

Now it updates the previous day at around 8pm..

Sundays results imputed on Tuesday evening.

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I have had no usage data for the last 5 days either. It usually lags by a couple of days at most. Although given that it is 2022 and my meter transmits the data daily I think its a bit 1980's to even be waiting two days for it to update but 5 days is ridiculous.

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I usually lag by 2 days, it is consistent so i really am not worried about it.

Though a lag for a week well that is for this day and age not really good.