App does not show current usage. Has trouble connecting to my account details

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My AGL app won't show any data for my gas and power.

Click on usage - top left corner has "Connection in progress" Photo of a man next to a light and tv set up in the background.


Has been like this for days. Have tried deleting and reinstalling app to fix issue. 


Any help would be great,



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For the past two weeks the app has not been updating my electricity usage. Also about the same time it stopped allowing me to enter meter readings. It's been working fine up until now. 

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Logres , if you live in a postcode affected by recent bushfires, it may be that your billing has been blocked. We suspended billing bushfire-affected areas so that customers affected would not receive bills at this time, but this can inadvertently affect other users in the area too, preventing access to some usage data. 


To get confirmation on this or investigate the issue further, please do contact us by phone, web chat, or messaging in My Account - and let me know if you aren't able to resolve the issue through that process.

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I got the same issue. Sent message to fix in late October and it hasnt fixed yet. Can anyone please help?

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  • I have the same issue. I phoned up about it and no one could resolve the issue.
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I have the same problem MrWill, mine has not updated for the past 14 days. Ihave asked why and nobody has given an answer that has fixed the problem. My bill is due in 5 days and it is only showing 13 days usage and feed in of my Solar. Bloody useless they are. Tomorrow I will ring to see if there is someone with a bit of knowledge on their staff.?

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Had the same problem since mid December.  Usage and billing not updating. Messaged AGL and was told to logout while it was reset. Made no difference. Also tried removing and reinstalling the App.  Live far away from any bushfire affected areas.

AGL Community Manager
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@MrWill , @normw1942 , @House1 , @KTlov0228 


If you've already tried phone or chat support without result and you'd like me to take a look at these issues, please click on my name and send me a private message with your account details so I can escalate a case.



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Thank you for offering to help David_AGL but I think AGL need to realise that this is a problem affecting more than just a couple of users. Besides the comments on here , there are also similar comments where you download the app on GooglePlay. Maybe AGL did an update to the App in December that just isn't working properly or ir has somehow got corrupted. A pity because I enjoyed the convenience of tracking my usage and billing seeing as I am on an extremely tight budget.

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I have spoken to a few people from AGL and they have all confirmed if you are anywhere near a bushfire zone your billing/accound has been suspended so you dont get sent bills. Unfortunately this has stopped all data being sent to the app. I am very frustrated like everyone else but they cannot fix the live data until the accound are re activated. I am not affected by the fires but because "considered" to be close my accound has been frozrn too. I have escalated it to be activated but have not heard back.

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Hey Everyone, 


I was connected on the 2nd of this month and the usage worked perfectly for that day never worked since then thou..