App / Website not showing daily electricity usage

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App / Website not showing my daily electricity usage, called AGL and they told me to log out and log back in and it still doesn't appear. 

Please note, this daily usage was appearing on my app / website for my quarter. However, I have recently told AGL that I have solar so perhaps this crashed something on the back end of the system, not sure.


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Hi there - yes I am the same - since Saturday 6th March 2021 my Solar Production has not been recorded or updated by AGL on the app or their website.  Contacted AGL support to ask what the issue was and they thumbed me off to resolutions who are yet to make contact with me. 

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There was an update today, but from 7-9 mar still the estimate. What's going on AGL?  I am expecting credits showing on my app with sunny days in Sydney last week.

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Ok an update - still no update as to solar production on the AGL app for 6th - 7th or 8th Mar.  Now though the 9th Mar has been updated to the app and so has 10th and 11th Mar.   

Cmon AGL its not that hard to rectify or at the very least communicate with all affected (there are many affected) as to what is going on and what AGL is doing to rectify.  All I received is a “We are working on it”!

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Same happened to me. I contacted AGL and told me it happened to all AGL customers. They said they couldn't get the information yet from the distributor. I assume this issue was with AGL, not the distributors because different locations different distributors. I got the right information back from 10 March, but still missing the correct informations for 6 to 9 of March even after they fixed the issue.

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I am wondering if there is anyone on this page/site who has had missing solar production reinstated to their AGL app.   If you or anyone you know has please let me know.   


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Ok hi all,


A quick update to say that AGL have finally reinstated my actual Solar production for 6th - 7th and 8th of March.   Hope your production has been reinstated too.