AGL app not working

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hace been using AGL app to monitor usage, download and pay bills but it’s not been working for over 2 weeks now 

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Hi Mooney! 

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Please get in touch with us here and we'll trouble shoot a few things to see why this might be the case for you. 


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The AGL app has been updating the power usage and solar power generation for last 2weeks,

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Hi Pushkar! 


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There can be a few reasons for this, we may not have received the data, if you are in QLD it is likely associated with the COVID support payment applying, in which case this should be resolved soon. 


If you need specific assistance, please message us on the AGL App. 


Thank you 





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the messaging service never works for me - it just stays stuck on loading.

I’ve also paid my bill of 130 dollars and the app did not update for a week - then when it did, it still said 65 is owing.

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Hi @Cwalker000 , if you have a moment, it would be very helpful if you could send me a private message (click my name) and include your account number and a screenshot of what's happening when you try to use Messaging. We're trying to fix these types of issues wherever they occur and this will help us troubleshoot.

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Hi David,


regardless of where I attempt to message through - it will got the below screen and remain without loading


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