Usage Screen on the Mobile App (ios)

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Hello Team,


I recently opted for AGL..First of all Great App. There are many functions which great to have.. especially like connect with Google Home.

There are few things which I thought could improve user experience (although I am a UX/Journey Expert), here’s one of those:-


App Screen 2 - Usage Screen. In the usage screen where you Past Usage are getting displayed. The current chart dialysed is Horizontal Bar chart. Ideally nothing is visible in this chart (I know user can click on this chart and see the details.) I would suggest try changing the Horizontal Bar chart to Donut (showcasing based on Month or Devices would Users to understand the Usage).




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Hi @abhi1227 thanks for the feedback. We actually have a board specifically for feedback on the mobile app, so I've moved your Idea across to there.


Thanks @David_AGL 

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Totally agree! my meter was just replaced recently, excited to see my hourly usage, and disappointed on how it was presented.... 


My home screen that shows usage and solar feed has randomly changed to viewing the last 3 months instead of my normal monthly billing cycle 
Any ideas how to change that back