Unusual energy usage notification

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It would be great if AGL can assist customers to be responsible users of energy - we had a faulty new appliance and only found out after receiving a bill for a full quarter where each month was 5x our comparative usage to last year. As consumers we are trying to do the right thing and reduce our energy usage (replacing a 40 year old heater with a more efficient one) so we were horrified that we had used so much and found out so late - our investigation and fix was after 3 months of wasted energy usage.


The same thing happened with a hot water leakage under the house - a early notification of a spike in gas usage would have flagged us to investigate before 3 months of water soaked into the slab under the house (only sign of leak was water and gas usage spike).


I have since discovered the app (very handy) and reduced billing to monthly to keep a closer eye however many customers wouldn't have the app or regularly check it (even people who have smartphones) so it would be great if AGL could further assist users in being responsible users of energy - like the helpful info you have on invoices to look at usage comparisons. With so many tech options available to us it would be ideal to take advantage of that to give us real time info that we can quickly action - this little thing will help us all do our bit to make a difference.

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It's a great idea @Zapped . In fact, I'm going to move this into the Ideas section for the AGL App so the community can vote on it, and I'll pass it along to the relevant team.