Peak Energy Rewards

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I like Peak Energy Rewards but I can't see anything about in the app, I only see SMS about it which seems strange. It would be great to see everything about it via the app for example when an event happens, usage targets, what my expected usage is, and confirmation when I hit the target. Also just being able to sign up through the app would get more people using it.

AGL Community Manager
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Great idea @SK1983 and thanks for the feedback. Stay tuned on this because we are working on getting Peak Energy Rewards. How has your experience been with Peak Energy Rewards so far? Is there anything else we could add that would make your experience using it better?

AGL Community Manager

Hi @SK1983  - we'll be enabling sign-up to Peak Energy Rewards signup via the AGL app soon, and the team are keen to expand the feature further. You've given some great examples of things you'd like to see:


  • Notifications about events (currently sent via SMS)
  • Usage targets
  • Confirmation notices when you meet your target (currently sent via email)

Is there anything else related to Peak Energy Rewards that would be handy to see in the app?