Ability to download energy usage data via the AGL app

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Please provide the ability to download energy usage data in a csv format via the AGL app. The function is available on the AGL website but doesn't appear to be available in the app.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @rob15 , thanks for the suggestion! I suspect the reason it's not available in csv format on mobile is that it's less convenient to work with the file on a mobile device, but I'll certainly pass your feedback along to the developers. Are you able to provide any more information about how you're planning to use the data on mobile - this will help the team take your needs into consideration.


The addition of a download button on the AGL app would negate the need to login to my AGL account via a browser to perform the same task.


I don’t actual process the data on my iPhone or iPad. At present, I download the AGL usage data via a browser login and store it on Microsoft OneDrive. I have a program on a Linux machine which retrieves the data from OneDrive and imports it to a MySql database . This gives me the ability to analyse my usage.


I’ve noticed there are quite a few posts in your Ideas section in support of data access via an API. If an API was available, this would satisfy my needs but thought a download button on the AGL app would be simpler and cheaper to provide in the short term.