AGL mobile app improvement/fix - transparency of demand rates

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Solar owners with smart meter boards be wary of the mobile app's usage data.

The app's $ view does not take into account Demand rates, 4pm to 9pm. It applies your Off Peak rate to the entire day. This causes it to under-value your from grid usage. The App indicated a refund of over $100 last quarter. Reality - a $15 bill. Not a big bill by any means but very misleading.


Agreed @Matrix7 

We have just moved to a demand model, but there is no transparency within the app to indicate your demand tarriff rate for the month.

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Status changed to: Watch this Space

@Matrix7 , thanks for the feedback

We're now looking at showing your plan rates including peak, off-peak, supply charge and solar feed-in


Excellent @Matrix7 

Thanks for the feedback.