AGL app useless if can’t tell you usage $

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I just have some feed back on the app. The solar app is still confusing. The billing amounts don’t add up to the amounts in the usage section. Also the usage dollars seems to change once billing is done but still don’t match the billing dollars. It shouldn’t be this confusing.


I basically don’t know what my bill will be for the month, so what is the point of the app and showing solar/usage $.

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Hi @Jonathan86,


Thank you for your feedback.


We acknowledge the data presented in the app may not always be easy to understand so we wrote an article explaining how the figures are calculated which you can find here


We are also making some changes  to improve the layout of information so that values will add up as expected. This is scheduled to become available in January.


Can you display on the front page of the bill ‘Direct Debit active’ if the customer has elected to use the direct debit service for payment of bills.