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dylemma9 Switched-on
4 weeks ago

Re: Unauthorised account closure

I've been battling a similar issue since July, so frustrating! Then today I receive 2 accounts that back date to disconnection date with a completely new account number and addressed to "Energy Consumer".I've been on their online chat and still not sorted. Good luck!
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dylemma9 Switched-on
4 weeks ago

Account Disconnection without permission

After checking my account status back in July I noticed that my Gas showed as disconnection pending. My account is in credit and as the account holder, I never requested this. After many discussions with AGL via their online chat and also by phone, no one could explain and an enquiry has been lodged. Today, 5 months later I received in the mail 2 accounts addressed to "Energy Consumer" and also in a seperate letter a "Plan Confirmation" also addressed to "Energy Consumer". Has this happened to a ...
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