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Re: Extremely high estimated gas bill

Thank you for your advice. I know how 'estimated' works, but I still don't understand why they issue an estimated bill when they already had the actual number. I only want to pay for my actual usage, not the estimation. As they already have the actual gas meter, the read shouldn't be the problem.
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Extremely high estimated gas bill

Today I received my gas bill for period from 7 May ~9 August which is extremely high, about $368. It is almost triple of my previous gas bills. What surprises me is not only the number, but also the 'estimated'. The staff just came to my apartment and read my gas meter several days ago, so I don't know why I still get the estimated bill rather than the actual bill. I called the customer service but they didn't know why.I have lived in my apartment for 12 months, and I never receive an actual bil ...
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