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Is AGL required to purchase carbon offsets through legislation arisen from the Kyoto Protocol?

Hi all, I would like to know if there are any international, federal or state laws that require AGL to purchase carbon offsets? Specifically in regards to the Future Forests scheme and arisen from our obligations to the Kyoto Protocol? I understand australian land holders can use a national policy known as carbon farming inititives (CFI's) as a way of acquiring a tradable carbon credit otherwise known as Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU's). And these ACCU's can be sold to companies such as A ...
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Re: Greens outline a battery storage refund proposal

Greetings Folks, just stoking the 'coals' a little  @BWSS @JeremyH "I get the impression the Green's will say or do almost anything to get a vote, but it won't be mine"... it's funny when you think about promises the major parties make that are forever being broken. I hope you won't vote for one of them either! Interesting too i suppose the party you do vote for won't be involved in gaining any support from independants or other small parties with a seat in either house of federal parliment? It ...
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