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Re: Extremely high gas bill?

Hi its ok went through it all previously with someone. As i am not the account holder and the owner of the property is i am unable to speak to anyone. Will just bite the bullet and pay this bill, but have arranged to have my old provider takeover from tomorrow. I am offered to go back on my old discount with them which is 38% elec & 25% gas.
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Extremely high gas bill?

Hi guys,I have been at my current property for a couple months i work 50hrs a week and usually never home on the weekends as i go and spend the weekend at my parents. My gas bills have never been higher than $300 with my old provider and that is with a housemate who was always home. At the current place it is just me and im am hardly ever home.I was very suprised to see a gas bill of over $700!! And that is with a discount? As i am currently renting off a friend we just kept the utilities bills ...
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