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Re: Credit Card Bill Entries by AGL

Its nice to know AGL appreciate the feedback we have provided, and that AGL can definitely appreciate how this would benefit customers. We understand these sorts of changes can not be agreed on or implemented overnight, and its nice to know my observation has been forwarded to the AGL payments team for future reference.So when do we find out what the AGL Payments Team think of the proposal and the action they recommend and who do they need to forward their decision onto in what I can imagine is ...
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Credit Card Bill Entries by AGL

Each month my Credit Card Bill has 4 charges relating to two different properties reqiring a private payment and a business payment that I need to make separately.Each Detail entry by AGL is identical [obviously the $amount varies] and is listed as AGL SALES P/L 0308 MELBOURNE - I would find it very useful if a simple entry could be added to this detail to identify the account it relates to or the property it relates to [there are two separate accounts involved and two separate properties involv ...
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