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Ripped off?

So since I moved in my power bills with AGL have been pretty consistent, a few dollars either way...However, last bill the Government took $50 offx I'm sure you all know about that... And then out of nowhere, this bill was $30 more than my second most expensive. This seems a little outrageous to me as we have not done anything differently. Honestly we should have used less power due to me having a new job and no one is home during the day. It just seems really suspicious, $10-$15 maybe, but not ...
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Very high electricity bill

My first bill was $43, but my estimated 2nd bill is $115, and apparently I've used $34 since the start of this billing period a week ago. Can someone explain why this 2nd bill is looking to be so high? There's no way we've used that much already when the first bill was only $43 for a whole month.
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When will i get my bill?

I pay my electric monthly, and my first bill was supposes to be 2 days ago. I haven't received it yet and the app has already moved on to the next billing cycle. Do I just pay the estimated usage based on my meter, or do I wait for a bill to be sent to me?
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