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Re: Home battery storage

Hello, Being privileged to work in the solar industry for some years now, it is interesting to know the feedback from customers! An estimated 5% would want battery storage regardless of the price - techy guys. 55% have oversized solar systems exporting more of the power generated by the solar system to the grid than they use and would need a solution to maximize their self consumption. 60% have structural constraint with east or west roof orientations which have maximum solar irradiance limited ...
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Solar installation & smart meter inspection at a new build

Hi, what the solar installer does is to install the solar system and get it connected to the existing meter through the switch board to get the solar system operational but excess power from the solar system going into the grid is not metered until the smart meter is recalibrated or a net meter is installed. The solar installers do not inspect existing meters however a permission to connect the solar system on the property must be approved by the distributor before the solar system is installed. ...
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