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Re: Actively support & market your Green Energy plans & educate your customer service reps

I agree they should be pushing this a bit more. They should also stop lowering the feed in tariffs for the customers who have existing solar & for the potential new buyers. Give incentives towards going green.
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Solar Feed In Tariff

I have noticed again that the solar feed in tariff has gone down.To me this is not a good incentive for people to continue to buy solar panels or add to existing panels.I know with my own system I generate more then half the Kw I use but you barely get anything back. Some other companies still have their tariffs at 12c per Kw. AGL is now down to 9.5c per Kw.I feel that the green energy idea is slipping away slowly. Customers want incentives to buy solar & to have confidence in their provider tha ...
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