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Re: AGL App Useless. AGL customer derive ZERO amd AGL promised follow up? Total FAIL.

I agree... I’ve been having to remember when my bill is due because I stopped getting them and they tried to say it was my server.. um no... gov e mail.. when I asked to have it resent I got it. Now there’s issues with the app and I have to provide my own reading. Nothing ever gets resolved. I think Leon or the energy Ombudsman would be very interes
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Sharoc Switched-on

Bill projection

Quite disappointed in AGL with issues I’ve had with not receiving my bills for the last 12 months. Have been switched to paper bills without charge apparently. Now this time I had a notification that my meter was being read... with a projection on the app of 519.00. Now there is a message for me to do my own meter read with a projection of 530.00 these two figures being shown on the app just 2 DAYS APART. What’s going on AGL ?? Do I need to read my own meter ?? Has it been read??? Why is ...
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