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Re: Gas usage

Thanks for the reply however I am not querying the amount of the bill, but the usage.The reading is actual not estimated.My issue is that I used to use an average of 50mj a day at a previous property with gas hot water and gas cooking, with another person in the house.Now I am using 72mj a day by myself.What could cause this? Is it possible there is a gas leak?
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Gas usage

I received my first gas bill at my new rental property 10 days ago.The average daily usage was 74mj.This seems really high for 1 person taking 1 shower a day, not using any heating yet and cooking on a gas stove perhaps 4 times a week.I have been recording the meter reading for the past 5 days and it seems right, so could there be a leak somewhere?How do I check?Does AGL send someone out or do I need to arrange this myself?
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