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Re: Solar not credited to account

So, a resolution for anyone having the same problem. After being ping-ponged around from online chats (two departments), through to no less than four departments over the phone I can tell you that if this happens it probably means someone needs to look at your solar panels (at least I hope that's the case otherwise I won't be very happy). If AGL did not install it they won't look at them for you (fun for me). Oh, and it's worth having two bills on screen, and comparable useage, because twice I ...
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CT Conductor

Solar not credited to account

Received my bill today, and it appears solar hasn't been registering for more than two months which, in summer months, means my bill is signicantly higher than it was same-time last year! Has anyone else had this issue? What was the solution? Am online for help now, but while I'm waiting I thought I'd plug this in to either help others, or for others to help me!
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