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Agent phone call quality

Hi, I've just been kept on hold for almost 10 minutes and when an agent got assigned, the audio quality on the phone is the worst. The audio is choppy, and I can hardly understand words as they are breaking up and I can't even tell if the agent is understanding me either. I tried calling someone else as a test to check if it's my reception is poor but the audio was perfect. I tried again and after being on hold again, the next agent has the same poor quality audio. Seriously, for AGL to provide ...
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Gas connection still pending

Hello, I've moved to a new place and signed up with AGL for electricity and gas on the 31st July.I've been enjoying the use of electricity and gas on the premises. However from an account set up perspective, the electricity account appears set up correctly on my account, but the gas connection is still pending.I've escalated over the phone a couple of times and they have re-requested a connection again 1 week later. Apparently, the distributor Jemena has accepted the job but has not recorded the ...
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