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Re: qld govt utility relief rebate reversed

I got the below response from AGL: Welcome to AGL Community! There has been an ongoing issue with the credit being reversed automatically which is why we have placed holds on all QLD accounts affect, our concessions team are working through these as quickly as possible to get the credits back to where they came from, however as I am sure you can appreciate it is a big job. If you are concerns as your account is now owing, just touch base with our messaging team who will be able to hold the bal ...
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qld govt utility relief rebate reversed

Hello Folks, This morning AGL reversed the qld govt utility relief rebate reversed ($200) and debited the amount from my account without informing me. Did anyone else face the same issue. I checked the government website and didn't find any information regarding the QLD Govt revoking the rebate. https://www.qld.gov.au/community/cost-of-living-support/concessions/energy-concessions/covid-19-household-utility-relief#:~:text=Under%20the%20Queensland%20Government's%20COVID,household%20electricity% ...
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