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Feedback of customer service

i recieved bill of 866$ foor three months..it was way too high. i called helpline and talked to consultant. Mate your guys need to learn up that even being layman we understand what is KWh, i asked him solution and he was like sorry but we dont have anyone who can help us to check up. i simply asked him if ever he can send someone to show up and check my refrigrator with multimeter for voltage and current its drawing and he simply said, i need to buy and check myself. being such a big company th ...
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Very high electricity bill

Mate im living in a unit and have a washing machine, a refrigrator and 6 energy savers which are off when we not home except refrigrator. i got last bill of 834$ and now in december i got bill of 866$..could you please tell me why im getting such high bill..we dont have aircon even..im realy confused and frustrated
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