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Re: Taking money out of my account!!

YI rang last Friday to get the money refunded, use told me it will take 5 days for the refund to get put back into my account! I rang again the coming Monday to double check and use said its all been processed and use will keep an eye on the account. I then wake up Tuesday and another $352.00 has come out so I ring up again, at this point I’m fuming they tell me the bank will bounce it back as i was in overdraft -$352.00. The bank did thank god. So now I’m at $0.00 and still waiting for the firs ...
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Manz93 Switched-on

Taking money out of my account!!

Last week I awoke to $357 come out of my account, apparently my bill smoothing direct debit wasn’t taking money out of my account, even though there was always money in my account for them to take. So I ring agl and they tell me that the $357 is about 2 months of unpaid direct debits? Which I had no idea about due to setting it up and seeing the first 3 weeks of direct debits coming out so I left it and continued to try put my self in credit. They also tell me that it will take about 5 days to b ...
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