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Meter cross over I am paying my neighbour's huge bill

I moved in my new property in mid-August when I received first pro-rataed bill was equivalent to $11 a day I was shocked.but I thought.it was us turned on too many lights unnecessarily. Noticed there were three different meter numbers quoted on the bill I did call AGL and I was told it was for peak offpeak and controlled load admant there was nothing wrong with the bill. We have really careful with electricity usage since then. Again we got hit by a huge bill at beginning of the month, we have ...
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Sherwood Switched-on

No actual reading on electricity bill

Just received my first full quarter bill (87 days) and nearly fell over. I have noticed there are 3 meters noted on my bill. 2 meter numbers are only differ by one digit and third one is completely different numbers. We thought the usage is unbelievable started monitoring the meters everyday. First of all, there are only two meters in my meter box I wonder how AGL got the third meter number. Second of all, after monitoring for 3 days, our usage is way less than what AGL says we are using ye ...
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