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Re: Opting out of having Smart Meter installed

There is now a significant scientific literature on the health risks of using wi-fi radiating devices at home - in particular, the strength of signals obeys the inverse square law, so you really don't want any hub or emitting device anywhere near where you walk, and especially if you have children. The potential risks include destruction or damage of DNA, anything from insomnia to brain tumours, damage to sperm, apoptosis, stress, hormone changes, etc. For more detail, see for instance: https:// ...
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Re: confirmation of digital meter opt out

This is a very good question. While AGL market the new meters as digital meters, digital meters have been around for ages. The distinguishing feature of the new meters is not that they are digital, nor that they report live on your usage, but THE WAY THEY COMMUNICATE ... namely that they use wi-fi to radiate your property and home with mobile wi-fi radiation, in order to communicate back your electricity usage. There is no detail provided on the strength of the signal of the radiating device, wh ...
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