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battery storage and 3 phase power

g'day guruswe have obviously AGL channelled current at home, and 5 Kw of solar on the roof we have 3 phase power in to the house off the grid 'cos we have an oven/induction hot plate set in the kitchen, and a condenser pump in the floor heating system, that both use 3 phaseas i understand it, the rest of the house's kit just draws the single phase (tho' that is an assumption) i am contemplating putting in a storage battery [the Sunverge large looks just the thing] so, the question to which my pr ...
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Re: AGL Expert events - energy storage technology

evening expertsthis may be dooubling up sorry if so2 QQ 1 we have 2 3 phase power devices at home (a compressor pump and the "oven" induction hotplates): how do batteries "deal with" 3phasee power, and such devices? 2 can the batteries store current generated by windmills? thanks in advancerichard d
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