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Re: locked out of electricity box

That's the problem it was strata that put the lock on and they won't give anyone who is not an electrician the key. I have written them countless emails about our rights and about emergency procedures such as electrocution but they are not budging. They won't even give my plumber the key and he has to crawl under my floor where all my electrics are (its an old building) and the space is very small and it is dangerous if the main are still on.
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Rose-ann Switched-on

locked out of electricity box

Our strata has locked us out of the electricity box. If we want to read our meter or check if our safety switch is off we must first engage a qualified electrician. It also means that if we have an emergency situation like electrocution we are not able to help the victim by turning off the power. Can anyone help? I have been to fair trading NSW and they say its a matter for the EC. But they are on the side of the strata.
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