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Gross solar generation

I am trying to work out how efficient my solar panels generation is. However, despite being told otherwise I cannot find out my gross solar generation. I just recently changed my plans, and the person I chatted to said i should be able to get my gross solar generation. I called AGL today, spoke to several CSOs but have got nowhere. I have an EDMI Meter MK7C E1 (I think)! However the onlu readings I can see are 03 and 13. Can anybody help. This is very annoying!
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Re: We are working hard to build the new my account!!!!!

At least AGL are very, very consistent with their Customer Service. Not a sound, not even a peep from them about this issue! Do you want to keep my business or not? Totally unimpressed.PS1
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We are working hard to build the new my account!!!!!

This has been happening since I became a customer. What rubbish: it will never work. But this is typical of AGL's very, very poor customer service.Several times, I have asked CS to send me an email about how to fix up my cell phone app and get it to work. No response! Lions 1, AGL 0. Why by email? Because I'm o/s!I try to check using my laptop ... will look at one day; try to look at other days and AGL goes into meltdown: Unfortunately, there was an error loading your usage data. Please try agai ...
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Discount for payment on time

I am a new customer. Please advise how this discount is calculated on an energy bill. I calculate that the discount on my latest bill is 24% not 32% as agreed. My bill does show "32%" which is actually rubbish, so I need to know what this is calculated on. I was ripped of by $30.49 in my last bill because I will pay the lot on time. Well done AGL!
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