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Re: Recompense for failure to deliver service?

Then perhaps THAT page shouls be linked IN the presented non sensical error. Not hard guys. AGL you realise its been broken for a SIGNIFICANT proportion in the current billing cycle. Comon sense says you should preemptivly notify customers of a problem. I have contacted the facebook platitude team. No sucess there either. I dont trust you seeing the number of customers there on facebook and here with billing complaints of overcharging. There is in this case a total failure in openness and trans ...
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Recompense for failure to deliver service?

Who here thinks we should NOT be billed at all for periods when access to ALL our data is not available?How can we trust the billing team when we cant verify our feed in data. Where are they getting the data to bill on?3 choices AGL fix the access to the data, anull the bill, put back the manual meters and reinstate the meter readers - your choice.
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