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Re: Estimated Bill Customer Failure

HI MF1, Agree with a lot of what you are saying - the main point though is that AGL did not make a single meter reading for 4 years! Now that in itself is something unacceptable in my view. But way is totally and utterly a failure in serving customer is that AGL did not make a single attempt over the 4 year to contact us to let us know this was the case. The escalations team confirmed this to me. It is unreasonable to expect customers to be reading fine print on bills, or to decipher gas c ...
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Estimated Bill Customer Failure

We were AGL customers for many years, always paying our bills on time through direct debit. Our meter is located behind a gate with a keypad entry. We have a video intercom door bell on the outside of the gate that notifies our mobile phones no matter which country we are in. Jemena administers the network in our area. Not once did they make any attempt to contact us, leave anything in our mail box, nor did they ever ring our door bell. Our bills are typically $130 per quarter which we fel ...
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