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Re: Centralised gas hot water billing

Thanks for the explanation - this is a very logical and generally fair way to measure gas consumption under these circumstances. The only issue I would have with this is the following: In a centralised system such as exists in high rise buildings there is a loop of hot water piping, and to ensure that residents don't need to wait too long for the heated water to be available at their unit this loop continually circulates hot water from the top of the building to the bottom. This means a relati ...
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Centralised gas hot water billing

In many apartment buildings gas consumption for hot water is measured by the volume of hot water used - not volume of gas. The conversion from hot water volume to gas consumption must assume an input cold water temperature and an output hot water temperature. What are these assumed temperatures, and how are they derived (for examle is the output hotwater temperature measured at the first tap in the apartment, or at the hotwater system often 10-100's meters away)? They appear to be assumed as c ...
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